Drinks with a view in Vienna

By Magalí Zaslabsky

Something we love to do when travelling is going somewhere for a drink with a view. Sitting for an hour or so enjoying a beautiful cityscape is something we can’t do where we live right now, so we like doing it when we travel.

Vienna is a place we visit quite often. I’ve been to Vienna 4 times already, for more than 10 weeks in total, and I have compiled a list of my favorite places for drinks with a view, and the places I want to visit next time I visit this imperial city.

Views from Lamée Rooftop

This is definitely a place you need to visit. This rooftop bar is located on the last floor of Hotel Lamée, just a few blocks from Stephansplatz and the Donaukanal. This place has amazing views of Vienna’s cathedral and city center, and it’s great for photos. It is also decorated with lots of color accents that make it a fun place to hang out. The attire can be casual and informal, there is no need to dress up here. 

Frozen Lamée at Lamée Rooftop

If you like sweet cocktails, I absolutely recommend the Frozen Lamée, a frozen drink and one of their signature cocktails. If I remember correctly, it was made with frozen wine and strawberries. Yummy!

The second time we tried to go it was rainy and the bar was closed. So make sure you go there when the day is nice because they close it for rain and bad weather. 

Rotenturmstraße 15, 1010 Wien, Austria

Open from 2 pm to 10 pm

Drinks at Onyx Bar

I love this place, and it is a great option when the day is rainy. Onyx Bar is located on the 6th floor of Do & Co Hotel, right in front of Stephan’s cathedral. Since it isn’t outside, you don’t need to depend on the weather for nice views, and it has a full-window wall that make it perfect for gazing at the cathedral. 

It is usually crowded, but if you are patient (or want to make a reservation) it is totally worth your wait! 

Fruit Kiss, Onyx Bar

The Onyx Bar is very comfortable and their drinks are awesome. I personally love their mocktail “Fruit Kiss.” It’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tried! But they also serve cocktails, coffee, and appetizers. Although it is pretty touristy, you won’t regret visiting. And if you want to feel more comfortable there, I would dress up a little bit more than the other places. You will feel more in tune with the atmosphere if you do, but I don’t think it is required since it’s visited by many tourists. 

Strawberry Lemonade at Motto Am Fluss, Donaukanal

A lot of people think of high buildings when you think of city views, but I personally love all the places in Vienna that have views of the Donaukanal, the small river canal that connects with the Danube river and runs through the city center. 

Motto Am Fluss is one of the prettiest places to grab a drink with views. It is an ideal place not only for late night cocktails, but also for morning brunch and afternoon drinks. Their lemonades are very pretty and tasty. 

This restaurant and cafe is open from as early as 8 am to as late as 2 am. You will have views all day long of the beautiful canal and the green mountains that surround the city!

  • Canal Bars
Night views of the Donaukanal Bars

Another cool canal experience are the many bars located right next to the canal. They open in the afternoon and are a perfect place to grab a drink after a long day of tourism, to relax and enjoy the outdoors and the vibrant feeling of the city. 

This is a place where you will see locals enjoying themselves. After work, school or their daily obligations, Austrians like to chill on sunny summer days along the Donaukanal. They don’t necessarily sit at the bars, but alongside the canal with a friend, a date, etc. Many bring their own food, since these bars usually don’t serve it. Snacks, an Aperol spritz (a very common drink in Austria with a vibrant orange color) and sunlight reflecting on the water, and you have the most Viennese experience ever!

Drinks at the Donaukanal

If you have the chance to visit Vienna when the weather allows it, get a drink at the canal. I personally like to go back to the bar that is located on the Leopoldstadt side (opposite of the city center/cathedral), next to Marienbrücke bridge. It has sand and beach-loungers. It’s super relaxing!

Views of the city from Das Loft, Sofitel

We went to this amazing place for my husband’s birthday a couple of years ago. I found it looking for cool places with a view in Vienna on Instagram, but unfortunately, unless you plan on eating at the restaurant (which is very expensive), people who want drinks from the bar don’t have access the tables next to the window. But the layout of the bar still allows you to enjoy the views. 

If you aren’t eating there, there is no need for a reservation. 

Dress up for this place! Suits and heels are welcome here. Most people who come here are either staying at the Sofitel hotel, or come from the business district after hours for a drink, wearing their suits. Sorry, no sneakers allowed here. 

Black Beard’s Ghost and French Martini

All cocktails are awesome here and they have an extensive menu of drinks. But my husband’s recommendation is the “Black Beard’s Ghost.” 

These are probably the best views of the city!

And I also wanted to share with you a place I would like to visit my next time there:

Atmosphere Rooftop Bar, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel 

What are your favorite views in Vienna?

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